To be determined

Experimental music theatre residency.

When ātmā applied for the experimental music theatre residency programme at deFeniks we expressed our interest to explore two questions:

  1. How can the performing arts influence each other and be integrated with one another in the creation of aural/visual material for the stage?
  2. Could ‘integrative music theatre’ benefit from altering the traditional compositional and creative process of works for the stage?

We came together without a clear concept for a performance, but trusting that our unique skills, talents, and personalities would inform a shared creative process. We used short sound and movement phrases as a starting point for a cyclical process of sharing, teaching, learning, reinventing, and improvising.  With our ‘in house’ composer/performer we also explored the process of musical composition for the stage, embracing but also challenging the tradition of music being composed before the creation of movement and choreography.
Rather than simply present specific excerpts of the material we developed for our presentation in the Feniks Festival, we decided to take on the challenge to create a short performance. As a result some material has developed, some combined, and some removed altogether.  We envision a longer performance eventually, but one that will always need to be determined.

Creators and Performers: Szymon Brzóska (PL), Barbara Drazkowska (PL), Tsubasa Hori (JP), Kevin Skelton (CA/BE).

ātmā would like to thank deFeniks/walpurgis for their generous support through their experimental music theatre residency programme.  We also thank Sumire Hayakawa (stylist) and Chiaki Kato (photographer) for their assistance in creating promotional photos and costume selection.