Thomas Baeté

Thomas Baeté (°1978) trained as a choirboy and violin player in his hometown Oostende, Belgium. He later took up the viola da gamba as an autodidact, before studying it in Brussels and Barcelona with Wieland Kuijken, Jordi Savall and Sophie Watillon. He took masterclasses with Paolo Pandolfo. In addition to the viola da gamba, he now performs regularly on the medieval fiddle and he can be seen and heard performing medieval and renaissance repertoire with Mala Punica ( Pedro Memelsdorff), Capilla Flamenca (Dirk Snellings) and Graindelavoix (Björn Schmelzer). Following his interest in mediterranean traditional repertoire, Thomas is a member of La Roza Enflorese and trio Osuna. With The Spirit of Gambo, he explores a passion for seventeenth century viol consort music. Over the past ten years, he has recorded about twenty CDs with these groups.

In 2010, Thomas Baeté founded ClubMediéval, an international ensemble of young specialists in late-medieval polyphony. 
Their first CD
presenting previously unrecorded music by the 14th Century abbot Paolo da Firenze, is highly acclaimed in the press. Besides being a performing artist, he works as a viola da gamba and medieval music teacher. His performance activities have taken him from Stokholm to Napoli, and further on to the USA and Canada, Peru, Colombia and Marocco.