BREATH/Imaginary Baby Chickens

Breath/Imaginary Baby Chickens is an ambitious project that innovatively integrates the performing arts, but also seeks to develop a new approach to public performance. What I am searching for now in my work is a distinctive way of utilizing the voice and body that is quite different from what is familiar to most performers and audiences.  I believe that words can communicate my ideas and ideals on a theoretical and/or philosophical level (like in this post).  However, my desire as a creator-performer now is to educate and expose others to new means of physical and vocal expression and the processes involved in achieving them.  I believe this is best achieved through proposing embodied experiences to an audience as points of reference for their perceiving and reception.

The project would aim to cultivate an aesthetic between, across, and beyond the disciplines of music, dance, and theatre and simultaneously challenge the conventional identities of performers and spectators. This would be achieved through a hybrid presentation/performance format that fluidly moves between workshop, lecture, performance, jam session, and dance party.

This is an excerpt of the BREATH solo that will be interwoven through the lecture and workshop components of the performance.

The final presentation of my research at PARTS consisted of a hybrid Lecture/Presentation. This is an excerpt from that and gives an indication of the collective improvisations that would occur throughout the presentation, both with and without the audience.